Journey to Impact

Journey to Impact is committed to helping people understand their value and true identity. Through creative and inovative methods of teaching, discipleship counseling, and mentoring, we encourage healing and wholeness.​
​Small Groups
  1. I began thinking one thing and the Holy Spirit showed me what the real issues were. Where it all started. I was finally able to truly forgive and let go. By the end of my session I felt much lighter. My hope was restored. My peace was restored. I now have a new confidence that God really will protect me. He is truly my shield. He is my strength. He will not allow hurt, harm or danger to befall me. He will go before me, smooth the rough parts and make my path straight. I am victorious in Him. God will abide in me as I continue to abide in Him…. The best part is I truly believe this now!!
  2. Life changing! There was a very deep rooted hold from my upbringing that caused me to look at life from a different perspective. I had a distorted way of looking at my issues. I believed in God, I trusted Him, and loved Him however; I was not sure about His love for me. I struggled with God’s love for me. Since my life experience was a bit warped, my perception of God was the same. As shameful as I am to say, I viewed God the same way I did my parents. But GOD!! Hallelujah! I have chosen to be released from my twisted ways of thinking. NOW… I know my God's love!
  3. I know NOW that my God loves with an ever-lasting love and there is nothing I can do about it. It is so sweet. I will no longer look at God, His ways, or His love (for me especially) the same. The peace I have today is unremarkable. I have to even pinch myself. I am the same person to an extent. I look the same but I am not the same. Glory be to God. Words cannot explain the transformation. I love it!
  4. Not knowing what to expect, I was overwhelmed at just how many lies I had believed and had been operating out of. I experienced the overwhelming love, grace, and mercy of my Abba Father. Coming into a true understanding of the Truth of my Identity in Christ and that there is nothing I can do that will change how much He loves me. I had been operating with clutter between me and my Father God. Now I could hear him clearly say to me “NOW, I can use you for more”