Journey to Impact

Journey to Impact is committed to helping people understand their value and true identity. Through creative and inovative methods of teaching, discipleship counseling, and mentoring, we encourage healing and wholeness.​
​Small Groups
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    The Next Steps
    Six lessons that promote strong foundational principals and disciplines that will empower you to defend your faith. These steps will educate you on the foundation of Truth, Trust, Freedom, Victory, Power and Prayer
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    A Journey to Truth-Book
    The journey that God orchestrates for each of us is strategically planned for the purpose to which we are created. Unfortunately, the journey isn't always comfortably and the attempt to get us to believe lies so we never accomplish what God has in store. This book will help you identify the lies and replace them with the truth.
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    Journey to Forgiveness-Book
    A journey to true, deep-rooted forgiveness is a hard journey to venture into, leaving many to wonder if they are even willing to go that far. Join us, and nine other co-authors, who will lead you through their life struggles and how they found the strength to forgive those who hurt them.
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    Journey to Freedom
    A private 3-7 hr session that consists of confession, repentance, and prayer. This "Freedom Appointment" utilizes the tool "The Steps to Freedom in Christ" which deals with 7 areas of root issues that hinder spiritual growth. Counterfeit Beliefs, Deception, Bitterness, Pride, Rebellion, Bondage, and Generational Sin
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    Would You Marry You
    The Relationship Readiness Conference of the Year. Don't miss this amazing event where we will dive in to embrace the Truth about where "we" are in this process of establishing lasting relationships. Whether you're "All His"(single), not married (there is a difference), engaged, married, or divorced, there is something here for you. REGISTER EARLY AS SEATING IS LIMITED!!!
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    Journey to Impact Webinars
    Several webinars have been created to help you along your journey to becoming all God has created you to be. Whether your looking to advance your personal relationship with God and others or looking to discover your purpose and or calling, there is a space for you here.
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    We provide services in: Churches, shelters, or corporate settings. We can help your organization establish a community of freedom, confidence, and motivation to become all they can be. • Speaking engagements • Personal/Corporate Coaching • Live conferences • Classes to educate/ empower • Counseling for your employees/family
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