Journey to Impact

Journey to Impact is committed to helping people understand their value and true identity. Through creative and inovative methods of teaching, discipleship counseling, and mentoring, we encourage healing and wholeness.​
​Small Groups
Journey to Impact provides Relationship and Spiritual Coaching
Benefits of Relationship Coaching 

* It offers guidance and directions on how to achieve goals (forgiveness, relationships, dating, conflict resolution, etc.). 

* Relationship Coaching focuses on self-improvement to achieve success

* Teaches new methods of thinking

* Provides guidance on how to prepare for future events which may include mentoring and consulting.

Benefits of Spiritual coaching guided by Spiritual Director

* Focuses on your inner voice (emotions) and helps you to attain more joy and peace in life through a deeper spiritual awareness of God’s presence and love, as well as to help you learn to accept yourself.

* Spiritual Coaches give direction on how to achieve spiritual goals (closer walk with the Lord) by focusing on spiritual-disciplines that will help you experience God through becoming aware of Him in your daily life and circumstances.

* It isn’t to give you more to do to modify your behavior, rather it is to help you learn to take your thoughts captive to the ONLY one who can change your heart, then the behavior modification is organic.

* Includes mentoring and consulting; think of it as encouraging you to exercise your way into a healthy relationship with the Divine!

Just as physical exercise produces a healthy physical body, exercising your spiritual senses produces a healthy spiritual body! ALL good relationships take intentional work! 

Through this discipline, He gives success!

We will assist you in applying biblical principles to understand your Spirituality as your LIFE in the Kingdom of God!   

Why would I need a Coach​?

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do I want to attain an understanding of how to be successful in life?

2. Have I been trying to make a change without any successful results?

3. Do I feel stuck?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, a Life or Spiritual Coach can help you!

What a Coach is and what a Coach is not:

* A coach is neither a therapist nor a psychologist.

* A personal coach works more as a consultant, provides the tools to approach life successfully and accountibllity.

* A Coach works with you in private sessions, over the phone, or through the internet.

The sessions are often every two weeks, with a brief check-in call on the off weeks (10-15 mins.).  

In the first session, we will identify your goals and the best way for you to achieve them. 

It’s important that your goals and values are in harmony if you want to live a life with your most authentic self and with integrity.

From that point, your coach will help you implement a plan for success and walk alongside you on your journey! 

       Some coaching is provided by our Discipleship Counselors